Pro ana diet plan

Pro ana diet plan

Pro ana diet plan

Many person of the world are concerned of their body weight in the aspect of health and fitness in their lists. Activities such as jogging, playing various sports, going to gym and having a proper diet intake are the fundamentals of being a well-being persons in order to build muscles and reduce weight. Most of the people do these undertaking for impressions to other individuals in the society. However, excessive exercise, extreme playing time and out of this world diet by some parties could lead to anorexia, yet, they already consider it as a lifestyle rather than distress eating disorder.

Anorexia nervosa is a kind of eating disorder which a person in all genders are very thin, stubborn to retain ideal heaviness or fear of weight-gaining and willingly restricted to eat to the extreme. People with Anorexia nervosa or anorexic for short can always see and think of themselves that they are overweight even though they are extremely thin and likely to check their mass by themselves, rationing the food cautiously and eat little amount of certain nutrition and the repeating the cycle always. Though, society may a heavy mock or serious insults to this eating disorder, some people of the world see that it is a merely a lifestyle and they are promoting it in a positive way which the effect is the birth of Pro-ana.

Pro-ana is the promotion of the Anorexia nervosa eating disorder. The term “ana” refers and briefly embodied by anorexic people as a name of a woman “ana”. Organizations advocating Pro-ana vary in some scenarios that most are given the privilege to discuss their ailment, a retreating place and those who want to recover from this disorder. Others contradict that Anorexia nervosa is a psychological ailment and hitting the statement that it is a lifestyle that should be appreciated by the family professional medical workers. For those who want to reduce their food-intake and lose weight can do a five-week Pro-ana diet plan.

Pro-ana diet plan is the idea of how a person wants to be thin and be part of the thin inspiration and testimonials. First of all, take away all the foods that have very high calories which can convert it into fats such as fast-food and mouthwatering sweets like desserts, candies and chocolates, second, reduce the calorie intake every week up to five hundred calories, third, have some extreme exercise that could break your body limit, lastly, take weight loss pills as supplements. With these ideas and procedures, it can reduce your weight and food-intake at the same time.

Pro-ana is a voluntary advocacy to embrace or to get better their lives with Anorexia nervosa. People in it are eagerly discuss, retreat and recover to each other for motivation, inspiration and testimonials. People, more like the professionals, should respect the decisions of others who give a grip to Pro-ana for it is their will and dream to be thin and be testified to others who joined the Pro-ana advocacy and its thin inspiration.

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